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#KiKiChallenge | What is Kiki Challenge? Why Kiki Challenge Is Getting Viral & Trending

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What is Kiki Challenge? Why Kiki Challenge Is Getting Viral & Trending: Internet challenges – the great separator of young and old, of those in the know and those who ruin it and get everyone in their office to do their own version. We saw many challenges before like The Ice Bucket Challenge, Mannequin Challenge.

Kiki Challenge

The dance challenge, where people are showing off dance moves that imitate the lyrics of Drake’s song “In My Feelings.” It became a hit online after Internet comedian Shiggy posted a video of himself interpreting lyrics like “Are you riding?” by dancing and miming steering a car and making a heart with his hands for lyrics like “Keke, do you love me?” The caption to the video used the hashtags, #InMyFeelingsChallenge and #DotheShiggy, which thousands of fans have now adapted to show off their own dance videos to Drake’ song. It has taken the world by storm.

Every day, more and more videos of Indians participating in the viral Kiki challenge are coming into the limelight. The deadly stunt is forcing the government in many states to issue warnings. The trend where people jump out of moving cars and break into dance has angered the cops and they have been issuing warnings.

Why Kiki Challenge Is Trending?

The challenge became viral after internet comedian Shiggy posted a video of himself on Instagram dancing on the song. Interestingly, his video didn’t involve a car. The video has been watched over by more than 6 million users on Instagram.

Even the dance’s originator Shiggy – who does not jump out of a moving car in the video to the single – has pleaded with fans to “be safe” telling them they can do the moves anywhere and not just with a car. Like most Internet challenges, people have made it riskier and riskier. Attempts to perform more outrageous instances of the dance, particularly from outside moving cars, has caused injuries and chaos on roads. One video of a man being hit by a car in Florida while performing the dance has served as a stark warning to those taking part. There have been some people who’ve fallen out of motor vehicles. And doing the challenge could land you in legal trouble as well as medical emergency. It poses a grave risk, not only to the dancing driver but also to all road users.

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