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Funny National Girlfriend Day Images Pictures Message Status Wishes Quotes 2018

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Funny National Girlfriend Day Images Pictures Message Status Wishes Quotes 2018: Hey Buddies!!! We are back with a brand new article on Funny National Girlfriend Day Images Pictures Message Status Wishes Quotes 2018. Every year National Girlfriend Day is celebrated on 1st August. National Girlfriends Day is a holiday on which guys take the time to show their girlfriends how important they are to them and is also a holiday celebrated by women to commemorate their female friends. Now below get complete details of National Girlfriend Day.

Girlfriend Day Image Picture

National Girlfriend Day Quotes 2018

“You know when I feel inwardly beautiful? When I am with my girlfriends and we are having a ‘goddess circle.’” Jennifer Aniston

“I never want to stop making memories with you.” Pierre Jeanty

“Hoes before bros. Ovaries before breviaries. Uteruses before duderuses.” Leslie Knope, Parks and Rec

“I don’t know what I would have done so many times in my life if I hadn’t had my girlfriends.” Reese Witherspoon

“We’re getting ready to take over the world. My group of girlfriends—we’re renegades.” Lisa Bonet

“The only people you can really share certain things with in secret are your girlfriends.” Shirley Knight

“I don’t know about you, but my girlfriends have been my girlfriends forever, and they’re my sisters and my family.” Elizabeth Olsen

“Whether you’re throwing up or breaking up, you want your girlfriend right there! I don’t trust women who don’t go to their girlfriends.” Drew Barrymore

“We’re sisters; you’re my family. What is you, is me. There’s nothing that you could ever say to make me let go.” Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl

“There’s nothing better than a glass of wine, a girlfriend, and a long talk.” Karen Fairchild

“My girlfriend and I never let each other forget how much we love each other. It’s all about reminding the other person who important and special she is to you.” Tyler Hoechlin

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.” Oprah Winfrey

“Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend.” Bill Watterson

“Sisters never pack up. We always run back, love.” Lady Gaga

Funny Girlfriend Day Images Memes

Girlfriend Day Message Status Wishes

The best thing in a girl’s life is her girlfriend and I am so fortunate to have you in my life…. Let us make this National Girlfriend Day a rocking one by partying hard and spending a memorable time together….. Lots of hugs and wishes to you!!!

Hugs and kisses to the most amazing girlfriend who has brought along happiness and smiles, gossips and chit-chats, shopping and movies and has filled my life with so many beautiful colours…. Happy National Girlfriend Day to you.

Life is more joyous and full of hues when you have a girlfriend to share your secrets with, to share your moments of joy with you, to share your life with you….. Cheers to our friendship and lets celebrate it together on National Girlfriend Day.

Friendship between women is different than friendship between men. We talk about different things. We delve deep. We go under, even if we haven’t seen each other for years.”

You are a super amazing woman. You are my confidant, my mentor, my strength and my best friend. I thank God for giving me the best girl pal.

With you in my life, my life is complete in every sense…. When you are around, I feel like the happiest soul…. Sending my love on National Girlfriend’s Day to you.

I always feel the luckiest man in the world because I have been blessed with the most amazing girlfriend who loves me unconditionally…. Happy National Girlfriend’s Day to you my love.

Thank you for listening to my long stories as though you haven’t already heard them a million times.

Hey baby doll, you mean the world to me. Your presence makes me feel alive. Thank you for being with me.

Thank you for forgiving me for every time I haven’t been the best friend in the entire world.

Funny National Girlfriend Day Images Pictures Message Status Wishes Quotes 2018.

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